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Harvest calculator

The harvest yield can only be calculated in advance by assuming different values.
NOTICE: The values are preset for the coming cultivation of THC plants and the use of plants where the vegetation phase has already taken place in upstream vegetation areas (5 harvests / year).
The CannerGrow team strives from grow to grow to increase results and improve operational processes. However, this does not happen overnight, as it is a real company and "living" plants.

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The harvest yield per plant is indicated by CannerGrow as follows:

Assumed crop yield / plant: Gram

The duration of a grow is 2-3 months depending on the strain and conditions *
*) Outlook for 2022: By dividing the growth phase and the flowering phase into different grow rooms, the time between harvests will be significantly reduced. This means that 1-2 harvests can be additionally paid for per year.

Assumed duration of a grow cycle: Months

Currently achievable market prices per gram: **
**) Outlook for 2022: CannerGrow is planning to convert all grow rooms from CBD plants to THC plants. Clean rooms will be set up so that packaging for direct delivery to the pharmaceutical industry is possible. The requirement for this is the GMP license, which is expected to be granted in 2022. The market price given here by CannerGrow for medical THC flowers seems quite conservative, since the achievable world market prices are currently significantly higher.

Assumed market price for selling the crop: EUR / gram

Consideration of team plants according to the CannerGrow Affiliate Program

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